We know the Britisch are always up for a surprise when we come to the topic of supercars. They’ve proven that before with cars like the Keating TKR. But let’s not forget that Scotland is still there, the place where they make world’s best whisky. It seems like the Scottish also have the knowledge to create a supercar because they came up with these pictures of a fantastic sports car. They called it the D&H Falen, that name is derived from the creators Dowdeswell and Hardie Falen. With a special name like that you can expect a nice output. And yes, it will run on a 800 bhp strong engine where we heard about earlier in the Phoenix GT/Uirapuru.

Exclusivity is it’s other name! Production is yet confirmed and only in a limited number, which is 4! That means that we better don’t start to think about the price-tag that will be on the D&H Falen. As like every other real supercar the entire body is made of carbon fibre, for resistance and low weight. With an aimed weight of 1,000 kg and only 4.2 m long, the 800 bhp vehicle will present one of the best power-to-weight ratios of the market.

Dowdeswell and Hardie expect the prototype of the car to be ready for a 2009 Geneva Motor Show presentation. Meanwhile, the official website of the company will provide updates, starting June 1st 2008.

[via WCF]

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  1. the silhouette looks like very much a Lamborghini Gallardo upfront

    and a Bugatti Veyron in the rear!

    are the designers sure about this?!

    wala lang…
    walang originality.



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