Audi A7

All car producers have to update their cars and engines on regular base and so does Audi. Leaked documents reveal their plans until 2012. We can let you know the date of production start, market launch and spec’s on the engine as well as the models. Because we concentrate on the rather fast 4-wheelers on our roads we’re not going to annoy you with the details on the A1 or Q5. Below we’ve listed all details of the more powerfull Audi’s that are planned to roll out the production hall in Ingolstadt…

Audi S4 (B8)
The sportive version of the current generation A4 will run on a 4.2 liter V8. Available in Avant form as well as sedan, the S4 will be available in 6-speed manual transmission or double-clutch 7-speed S-tronic.

Audi S5
The Audi S5 coupé will keep it’s current 4.2-liter V8 for now, but starting in September 2010 with a bi-turbo 3.0-liter TFSI V6. The V8 will have an output of 354 bhp and the V6 will run on 333 bhp. Two S5’s is something we can only applaud. Both will also be available as a sportback!

Audi RS5
Audi RS5 (rendering)

Yes, an even more agressive A5 is making our roads. It’s sheduled for July 2010. Using the same 4.2-liter V8 in the current S5, the RS5 gets a massive bump from 96 bhp to 450 wild breathing horses. This power-increase will be made possible by adding turbo’s on the current S5 engine…together with a 7-speed dual-clutch S-tronic transmission.

Audi S7
Audi S7 (rendering)

This super saloon is announced for November 2010. It’ll be hard for Audi to keep their promisse because the ‘normal’ A7 isn’t released from the fatory yet. This one will not be running on an engine we saw before in the S5 or even the RS5, but on a brand new 4.0-liter TFSI producing 394 bhp with S-tronic7. Just lovely!

Audi R8 Spyder
Audi R8 Spyder (rendering)

We are waiting for this one for rather a long time and we hoped to see it on a motorshow during last year. But no, instead we saw the R8 V12 TDI Concept debuting. Anyway, we got good news coming from under the hood: the 5.2 liter V10 is ready and will be in both the coupé and spyder available from beginning 2010. The V10 has an output of 525 bhp and will run with an R-Tronic sequential gearbox!

Audi R4
Audi R4 (rendering)

For the dreamers among us we have this picture! No details on this one, but let’s hope this gets a future!

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