Automobili Lamborghini

When we open the paper, put on the television, turn on the radio we always hear the same thing: global warming is getting a serious problem. We know it’s happening and we all try to do something about it, but for some is that rather difficult. Everybody agrees when we say that a company like Lamborghini can’t be expected to adapt to tightening emissions regulations. Stephan Winkelman, Lamborghini’s CEO, told Automotive news that those regulations are just not possible to follow:

It’s a reasonable question but it simply can’t. The production is so limited and our vehicles are so rarely driven that it’s overall environmental impact is negligible. As such, Lamborghini will not be switching to downsized engines, like Ferrari has been discussing.

Winkelmann also told that Lamborghini isn’t planning a boost in it’s production, or the develop of an SUV or four-seater. Just business as usual as we know: powerful, loud and exotic!



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