New Enzo?

It’s always interesting to see a Ferrari wearing camoflage. But this mule is rather special! Spotted here is a lightly camoflaged front nose of the Ferrari FXX. Is this a mule for an Enzo successor? We don’t know yet, but it’s not a photoshop for sure because this picture was taken from the rear gate of the Maranello factory which we have seen a number of prototypes leaving for road testing in the past.

This time we are struggling with several questions: Is this an upgrade for the yet stunning FXX, which is rather unlikely? Is this the test for a new Ferrari flagship? Is Ferrari just testing us? Or are we dreaming of what it could be? Tell us what you think about it?

[via WCF]


  1. It be weird though, because it looks exactly the same like the Fxx, so i dont see how it could be a different car, unless an engine upgrade has been made, or something is hiding under it, so it is a mystery so far!
    Hope we find something out about it soon!


  2. Im surprised how many blogs and car websites posted these “spy” photos…as far as Im concerned, the camo is there only to protect it from getting scratched, that is why its only on the front and behind the front wheels-side skirts. Those are the 2 most frequently scratched places on a car…


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