Porsche 997 MM-GT3 by Manthey Motors

Manthey Motors, a lot of us probably never heard about it before. They are situated not far away from the legendary Nürburgring, where they won the 24-hour race yesterday, and known as a Porsche tuner into every detail.

Manthey isn’t the daily tuner. We mean that they aren’t putting 100’s of extra horsepower under the hood. They concentrate themselves on weight-reduction and making a very good looking sportscar even look better by changing details. A big weigh-reduction is the RVS-exhaustsystem which weighs 23 kg less than the original and as surplus you get 12 extra Nm of torque. Another weight-reducing part are the rimms, 19 inch magnesium weighing 15 kg less than before.

Porsche 997 MM-GT3 by Manthey Motors

The standard limited-slipdefferential and the PASM-suspension were replaced by Manthey’s defferential suspension used in the Cup-cars. To shift up and down faster Manthey used a short-shifter. Next to that they adde extra carbon fibre parts in the doors and titanium exhaustsystem taking off another 10 kg. A total weight-reduction of 48 kg’s! Last but not least, the 3.6 liter boxer engine got replaced by a 4-liter!

Porsche 997 MM-GT3 by Manthey Motors

[via Autoblog.nl]


  1. I still remember passing by the garage right outside the Nurburgring a couple years ago. Now i know why they didn’t have any Porsches there that looked heavily modified. Thanks!


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