Saleen S5S

A few months back the new American dream was born, the Saleen S5S Raptor, a concept supercar running on bio-ethanol. Many of us expected it to stay in as a concept but the car got so many positive reactions that Saleen thinks about the production, probably a limited number, of it’s new supercar! Chris Theodore, CEO at Saleen, told in an interview that the S5S can make it to the showrooms and that within 6 months the first car will be ready to test.

Saleen S5S

Saleen only needs to find a partner for it’s 5.0 liter V8 supercar which produces 650 bhp and then we might see it doing some laps on the Nurbürgring soon!


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  1. It’s a new body on a GT chassis. This car will never be built unless they build there own chassis. Ford no longer makes the chassis. Theodore needs to come up with a new design, instead of using old ideas and other manufacturers products.

  2. How can they build this car? Hasn’t anyone noticed it is the same size as the Ford GT. That is because they put a new body on a GT chassis. Ford has quit making the GT, so chassis will have to be made and Saleen has no fabricators to do this. They just laid off a bunch more people from Irvine including fabricators and tech guys. There is only 2 engineers left, no S7 guys, leaving 5 people on the floor. Saleen is hurting big.

  3. It seems rediculous to me too, Saleen where on the edge of bankrupcy recently I seem to remember, it looks OK but they would have to make it handle if they were to compete.


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