AC Schnitzer ACS6

AC Schnitzer has released its latest aero kit for the facelifted 6-series coupe and cabrio. Along with the aero kit it also delivers a number of performance upgrades for the various 6-serie models. The front skirt of the ACS6 gets a more aggressive look with sharper lines and new fog lights. At the rear we find a slightly smoother rear skirt and the facelifted taillights. AC Schnitzer also added new sideskirts to the ACS6 and an optional exhaust kit with chrome tips. For the ACS6 a new range of 19 and 20 inch alloys are available, but we would rather stick with the BMW M6 wheels.

The performance upgrades are developed for both the diesel and petrol engines: AC Schnitzer upgraded the 635d from 286hp and 580Nm to 310hp and 680Nm of torque. For the BMW 650i they have made a 5.1L stroker kit, which is essentially a completely rebuilt unit. This raises the output from 367hp to a healthy 411hp. This not only results in much faster acceleration, the top speed also rises by 35km/h.


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