Carshows are something we see all over the world. But in America they have those shows, that are just a little bit different, not to say special. In Floriday they had the St Pete’s Car Show. A lot of nice supercars showed up including one guy with his collection of 15 Ferraris: 1 Enzo, 1 FXX, a brand new F1 car and a pair of white Ferrari’s, a 612 Scaglietti and a 599 GTB, were there. Next to that there was a Ferrari F40 and several other beauties. We’ve added a selection of pictures below, you can find more pictures in our forum!

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  1. i dont think its the real pur sang, its the standard rims. i know there is one “fake” pur sang.. but i tought that one was in dubai.

  2. That Pur Sang is REAL because I know the owner of almost all those exotics.Not only is it real but it is serial #001. His regular Veyron is also #1. Look up Don Wallace on You Tube and you’ll see just some of his collection.He is one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.Mankind benifets from him and his wife on a huge level.


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