8C Competizione

From the very exclusive Alfa 8C Competizione coupé and cabriolet have only been 500 pieces built each. Because all pieces are long before production sold some people didn’t have the chance to buy the car they wanted. For them, the Italian auction site AutoScout 24 has something very nice online: a 8C Competizione with 590 bhp.

More power and even more exclusivity needs a pricetag and that’s not bad with € 380.000 (£ 300.100 – $ 600.300) which is over double of the price than the standard one. That price is shocking but when you get 140 bhp extra it might hurt your wallet less.

[via Autoblog.com]


  1. I don’t think it’s a factory upgrade. From the moment a car gets upgraded it’s tuning for me. And honestly: why should Alfa upgrade one car of their limited version?

  2. Thanks for the info Daan!

    The guy I spoke at Alfa didn’t know anything about it. Trying to get tru to the right people but my Italian is not that good ;-)


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