Ariel Atom by H&R

The German tuner H&R designed a new chassis and suspension for the yet superlight Ariel Atom which makes it even lighter. The chassis is created thanks to the help of Sven Heidfeld, brother from Niki. We know we couldn’t expect something unbelievable from this, but only a loss of 2,8 kilos isn’t really worth it, but that our point of view.

Ariel Atom by H&R


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  1. I saw this Ariel Atom twice and heared it aswell and I have to say it’s one of the most impressive machinery pieces I’ve seen sofar… well, most impressive under the 1 000 kg then ;)

  2. I agree that the Ariel Atom is impressive. But what’s the point of building a new chassis and suspension for a car that already is super lightweight and handles very well?!


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