Bentley Engine

These days we get more and more news about supercar producers planning to take a diesel into their range. After Audi coming with the V12 TDi concept and Porsche with the Cayenne diesel, now the name Bentley got rumoured in the diesel-world. But we can tell you that Bentley isn’t planning any diesel because the position of the customers remains “not ready for oil-burning Bentleys”. Also the very powerful W16 that would be lend from the Bugatti Veyron isn’t coming either.

Although Bugatti and Bentley are now under united leadership, Bugatti is rumored to be working on its own luxury limousine, and sharing an engine with the Arnage could cut down its legs. In the short term we can only conclude good things. A new Bugatti is coming and Bentley keeps on producing supercars with 6.7 liter V8’s and 6 liter W12 engines!



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