Team Polizei 144A

Remember Team Polizei? And their infamous Team Polizei BMW M5? As we told you earlier this E39 BMW M5 tagged 144A was replaced by a new E39 BMW M5 tagged 144B. To celebrate The Driver book release in Europe Team Polizei shipped both cars to London, but that’s not all. There’s another addition to the Team Polizei lineup to be revealed here today in London, and you can make a guess what that is, correct a third E39 BMW M5 (they might get rare, so buy one yourself if you see one!). This latest addition to the team’s garage has been transformed to a race version! Among other things it has been lowered, equipped with a rollcage and it’s said to do a lap of something shortly!

Team Polizei M5 144-R

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