Noble Roadster

Noble may no longer be building its M12 supercar but the current owners have an opportunity for a new convertible kit. It was developed by Bristol-based Salica Cars, and not only does it include a new removable roof but it also a full redesign of the body and interior plus several upgrades to the engine. The twin-turbo V6 will now produce 460 bhp!

For £ 20 500 ($ 40 500 – € 27 500), Salica will replace the original body panels, install new components in the cabin and upgrade the engine with a new intercooler and radiator. They’ll also replace the existing fixed roof with a lightweight removable unit that can be stowed away for open top driving.

Noble did create a one-off convertible version of the M12, but the project was canned due to a lack of funding and interest from buyers.

[via Motor Authority]


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