BMW M3 - Ericsson M480

It will take a while before the next generation of the BMW M3 CSL will be officially presented. But it’s for sure it’s coming, and we can only hope it’s there as soon as possible! Ericsson, a part of Powerhouse Amuse, has created a stronger M3 which might become very close to the upcoming CSL.

BMW M3 - Ericsson M480 Concept

If we believe Autogespot the Ericsson M480 will have 440 bhp. That means 20 extra wild horses to play with. Offcourse the engineers used a lot of carbon fibre with has a positive influence on the weight. Sofar Ericsson is a rather unknown tuner, but this project might change a lot. Let’s see what the future brings!

BMW M3 - Ericsson M480 Concept

BMW M3 - Ericsson M480 Concept

[via Autogespot]

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