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Carlos Salinas is one of the organisers of the upcoming Bueller Cup and hospitality and real estate developer. Together with Alex Grimaldi and Nick Connor they organise a new adventure tour through unexplored territories in Central-America. We had an interview with Carlos about him and the Bueller Cup:

Where does your passion for cars come from?
I used to follow the Formula One championships with my father who is also fanatic. He took me to my first race and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was lucky enough to have my first car be a 911 Carrera that I drove when I went to college in Switzerland.

What cars do you drive yourself?
My partners and I have several cars in the different countries where I do business; a Ferrari 355 Spider, a Ferrari 430(otro ciudad), Maseratti quatroporte, Mercedes CL 55, Cayenne Turbo, and Range Rover super charged.

What’s your favourite car?
That changes every year. I would love to get my hands on the new Lamborghini Reventon, I love the Bugatti Veyron, I also love my Ferrari’s. Nothing compares to the feeling of driving the 355 full speed and hearing the engine roar, staight from the classics the Ferrari Daytona.

Did you organise any other car events before?
No, but because of the nature of my business, we are constantly organizing or participating in high end events all the time.

Gumball 3000

How many times did you participate in the Gumball 3000?
Just once so far, 2006 starting in London finishing In L.A.

What car did you drive?
We choose to buy a Mercedes Benz CL 600 for the 8 days around the world; we wanted to make sure we could get parts and service everywhere.

What was your personal best Gumball experience?
When we started the rally in 2006 for some technicalities we could not cross the channel with the pack, so we managed to do it on our own by renting a ferry to get across, from then on they called us the French rejects. After that we were using a G4 which belonged to a team mate of ours to help us cross the pond in style. The whole experience is something my friends I will talk about with my grandchildren. It was truly unforgettable

Would you do it again?
Definitely. For personal reasons I was not able to participate in 2007 and 2008, but I’m looking forward to participating again after Bueller cup.

Bueller Cup

What is the Bueller Cup?
A unique experience of speed, fun and adventure. Racing through ancient cultures of mysterious Central America, finishing in exotic Cancun, Mexico. We celebrate at the end of a long day with lavish parties surrounded by the beautiful Bueller girls. I like to think of it as Indiana Jones meets The Cannonball Run.

When is the Bueller Cup?
Bueller Cup begins in February 2008.

Can you tell us about the route?

Following the tradition and spirit of adventure of the early races of the 1950’s that took place on the famous Pan American Highway that connects Alaska to the Patagonia in Argentina Bueller Cup will start in Panama city, Panama which everyone agrees is the next Dubai and Hong Kong of this part of the world, and then travelling to Costa Rica and its beautiful rainforest and beaches to Nicaragua famous for its volcanoes and fresh waters sharks to the friendly people, volcanic craters and enclose lakes of El Salvador to the amazing city and archaeological wonders of Antigua Guatemala which will bring you back to the days of the colony to Belize where will see amazing beaches, Mayans pyramids and feel like you were in a Caribbean island to the crazy parties and also Mayan Pyramids of Cancun Mexico.

What is your personal highlight of the route?
The route is very special to me. We will have to prepare for the last three cities the most: Antigua Guatemala, Belize and Cancun – it will be out this world.

How much is the entrance fee?
15,000 Euros and it includes accommodations, meals, and special events.

Can you help the teams with shipping or rental cars?
Yes, the people of Transcar will be able to ship the cars to the race site and bring them back home. It will be difficult to get rental cars but we can get some good deals on used cars that we can offer to be sold after the rally.

Who are your co-organisers?
The other two founders as I like to call then is Alex Grimaldi, an investment banker, and Nick Connor a software entrepreneur; both veterans of the Gumball, Bullrun and Mille Miglia.

What do you and your co-organisers have in common?
Love for speed, love adventure, and love for the finer things in life.

Who can we expect at the startline?
14 of the 22 teams that have signed on have participated in other rallies such as the Gumball, Bullrun and the Mille Miglia, for obvious reasons I cannot disclose at this stage the identity of the teams.

How many slots are there available?
28 more slots

Can everybody enter or is it invite only?
Being that this is the first, it is by invitation only.

What cars have entered so far?
Robinson 44 Helicopter, Ferrari 360 and 612 , Hummers, Range Rovers, Porsche: Cayenne and Turbo, Mercedes Benz SLR, Lamborghini Gallardo, and Corvette Z06 among others. Of course anybody with one of my favourite cars is welcome!

What do the governments think about the Bueller Cup?
Lo mismo: It’s perfect but if it’s copied – it’s trouble. They think it is a great opportunity to showcase the pristine nature, archaeological treasures, the friendly culture and beautiful people of Central America and Mexico.

What will the Bueller Cup deliver to the fans?
We have an agreement in place to produce a 6 episode tv show, also during the race the fans will be able to see everything from videos, pictures and day by day written accounts on the bueller cup website.

What do you want the Bueller Cup to be?
It will be a must for rally enthusiast year after year.

Thank you!

Visit buellercup.com for more information!

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