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Mercedes-Benz Lorinser SL

Mercedes Benz Lorinser SL

These days Mercedes offers the amazing SL55 AMG and even more stunning SL65 AMG. But for some people this is not enough and that’s why tuner Lorinser has updated the SL. With more as 600 bhp and 1000Nm of torque is the SL65 AMG rather unique. But the guys from Lorinser too this SL65 as base-version for an even stronger version that reached a 203 mph (325kmh) at the Nardo track.

The new SL runs on the 660bhp and more as 1000Nm of torque. To make it even more special Lorinser created a nice bodykit, although were not sure that everybody will like it. To keep it even more exlcusive as it already is, Lorinser will only produce 50 pieces of this machine!

Mercedes Benz Lorinser SL



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