One of the things Lamborghini’s are famous for is there sound. Over the years we’ve encounter quite a number of them, most had the standard exhaust to produce their fine tunes. But now and then we encountered modified Lamborghini’s that can be qualified as one of the loudest things in the world. One of them is the Lamborghini Diablo SV from our fellow Torpedo Run participant Nick, the straight downpipe on his SV produces an amazingly loud and unique sound. Sadly his exhaust has to go due to complaints from almost every single non-deaf person in his neighbourhood. Luckily he made a video of what must be the loudest Lamborghini Diablo:

You’ll have to admit it’s loud! But it’s not the loudest Lamborghini out there: Last year we met up with Adam and his Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. Not just an LP640 but a very special one: Adam’s Murcielago has been equipped with a custom made Capristo exhaust. This is the loudest Lamborghini on the planet:

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