Yesterday Pierre de Thoisy had big problems with his car. That was the chance for Doug Mockett and Angélica Fuentes to get a total advantage of 1:20 minutes on de Thoisy. Normally it is impossible to catch up that big advantage. Especially with only 100 km of ‘speed-stage’ left. But on day 6 the luck was on Pierre de Thoisy side. Doug Mockett had problems with his clutch and so he arrived at the 33th place. It looks like there is now no possibility left for Mockett to win the Carrera Panamericana. But everything can happen at La Carrera!

Pierre de Thoisy and Frederic Stoesser won day 6 of La Carrera. Second place went to Gabriel Perez and Horacio Chousal. Ralf Christensson and Anna Sorensson came in in third place.
At la Unlimited Class the first place went again to Kevin Jones and Mark Williams. John Nielsen and Emine Wright came in second place, before Bruce Redding and Ronald McRae on the third place.

Team # 432 had a not so lucky day 6. On a very fast left corner they had a spectacular ‘exit’. We are glad to report, that Mike Anderson and Steve Barnes are not hurt in that accident. Thanks to Elke and Leila, we are able to share some pics of the total crashed Chevrolet:

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