The success of the Torpedo Run: one man is behind this extraordinary event. Christian made the impossible possible. After long discussions with the German government, he got the official ‘go’ for the Torpedo Run. And all the work he put in this event was worth it. Now Christian shares his experiences about this exciting three days:

21st September 2007
» Ahaus, Germany
» Papenburg, Germany
» Luxembourg

Torpedo Run started in Ahaus, Germany. Nobody expected in the city North of Düsseldorf such a spectacular location: the Tobit.Elements. Entertainment, action, restaurant and hotel at the same place. The Torpedo Runners agreed: It was the perfect choice.

In the virtual world of the Tobit.Elements the participants were able at the sing-in to show their skills as a rally pilot in a simulator and got to know what it means to dash an aircraft with high speed. The simulators allowed unlimited twists of 360 degrees over the roll as well as over the pitch axes – a real adrenaline rush! The sportcars and exotics like Lamborghini Diablo SV, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari F430, Porsche 997 Turbo, Hummer H2, Corvette Z06, Porsche GT3 und Jaguar XKR were parked safely in a hangar which is also located on the same area.

In the morning the Torpedo Run started to Papenburg (Germany) to have fun on a special racetrack. Torpedo Run is not a race, it’s about passion. So the organizers have the official go of the government and administrative authority to start the event in Germany.

The highlight of today was the “holy

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