Team Nasa

Enjoy this great write-up by Team NASA, Natasa and Sacha, about their great time during the Torpedo Run 2007! Thanks alot to you both. Was great to meet you there!

Day 0

We had to drive extremly early to the airport, because we had to fly to Hamburg. After a 300km drive with our new Jaguar XKR, we arrived at Ahaus. Other participants and television was already there. After some drinks, we pasted the stickers on the car. Then I found out, that the TV-Station wants Team Bavaria and Team NASA as actors for their TV-reportage. Ok, first interview after grappa and some beers… We hat to make all things 3 times for the TV-Crew…perfect… that included also to park the car 3 times in the same parkingslot… After the interview we went for eat. Easy cool conversation with PX, Des and the crew from SAT1. We were early in bed, because I liked to be fit for the next day. But was really nice to meet all this people. We were sure to have a lot of fun the weekend.

Day 1

Police was already on stage, but they were very nice. They told us, that the whole goverment is looking at us. We were the first who started at 8.30 am. On the way to Papenburg every single kilometer was a radar trap installed. Thank you V1! We were first at Papenburg and waiting about 15 minutes for the second to arrive, yeeeah. Then we went to gas up. I deinstalled the V1 for Papenburg and forgot to reinstall it again for gasstation. Really bad: we caught by a speed camera. About 30 km/h too fast, easy. We had a lot of fun at Papenburg. Bad point was, that the Jag automatically activate the ESP in a tender point, so we could not drive really fast at the track. Also funny to see, what a car does at the speed-oval with 220km/h. There we had some interviews, of course 3 times, and went then to Luxembourg. Good eat and some other drinks. Again some interviews (3 times), I can’t be bothered. After eat, we went to a club and buyed a bottle of whiskey. I really don’t know which time we went back to the hotel… uuuh.

Day 2

Staying up with a really bad head. Why? I don’t remember. Now problem, sitting in the car and drive to Switzerland. Was a really nice trip with Ferrari 430 (Martin and Hansi), Mini (PX and Des) and some other participants. No problem for us to get over the border. We drove to the kart-track and of course we arrived there first. I didn’t say to other participants, that I drive swiss Kart-Championsship, so I was about 0.4 sec faster then the second (Martin). My children came also to the kart track, so I give the cup to my son. He was really happy and was asking me: Dad, are all others doomed? After the kartsession we had another SAT1 session, and yes, it was the last interview, because they had to go home. I was really happy!! Now I have holiday to then all others. So we started our trip to Geneva. The Lambo Diablo overtook me near Bern. This car was so loud, that the police went to get him… He had to go to the policestation and they made a gauging of the loudness. HE HAD 117DB ON 2000RPM!!! But a big thank to the swiss police, they let him go after a fine. We went ‘slowely’ to Geneva, were we had a great hotel. For eat we went on a ship, which was booked only for the Torpedo Run. It was really great there! After about 3 hours, we drank something (lot) at the hotelbar and went to bed.

Day 3

Another bad head, but this time I remember why. Also little bit tired from all this long trips. We started 2 hours too late with the Ferrari and the Lambo… and others too. This trip was amazing! Over all mountains… The passes where hard to drive and I had to drive fast to follow the Ferrari. But we where too late for lunch at Torino. When we arrived, all other Torpedo-Runners came out of the restaurant. Bad, because restaurant was now closed. So we went directly to Gardalake. Really nice hotel, but the other guests where not very happy to see us. We were a little bit loud, so other guests checked out of the hotel. Also some glasses flew out of balconies.

Day 4

Checking out and going to eat at Gardalake with Nick and Paul with the Lambo Diablo. Nick took my Jag and I drove the Lambo. Everyone was looking at us, because of that loud Lambo. After a really good lunch at the lake, we went home. At 10pm we are finished with the whole run!

It was like last year a really cool run, which I will do next year again. Hope to see next year much more people there!

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