Today is the official start day of the 2007 Torpedo Run. Day 1 one brings the participants from Ahaus (Germany) to the checkpoint in Papenburg where from they all drive to the final destination of day 1 in Luxumbourg. Like yesterday, Des and PX, will bring updates during the day which you can follow here in our forum. For pictures of day one you can visit our photo gallery!

Update #1:
08:02 CET by PX
Just checking out now. Only need to install vid cam and second navigation system and then we are on our way to the start!

Update #2:
09:26 CET by PX
On nice german Autobahn now. Everything without going fine. In about an hour we are in Papenburg!

Update #3:
10:40 CET by Des
We arrived at Papenburg track. Police setup multiple radartraps and watch posts but we all behaved!

Update #4:
13:30 CET by PX
Just off from the testtrack. Had a lot of fun! Mini did very good aswell! Now it’s time to fill up the Mini and have some food. Then off to the final checkpoint of today in Luxembourg.

Update #5:
15:52 CET by PX
What are german Autobahn famous for? Traffic jams offcourse! We are stuck near Cologne at the moment…

Update #6:
18:34 CET by PX
We arrived in Luxembourg. Even if we drove exactly like the law, we are the still the second the team at today’s final checkpoint. NOw we have to find mcd for Des.

Update #7:
22:27 CET by PX
Sitting now at the ‘la fourchette à droite’ restaurant. After it there’s party! Tomorrow we lift off very early at about 8:30 so it’ll be a short night!

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