Tomorrow is the official start of the 2007 Torpedo Run. The start of the adventure is in Ahaus, North of Düsseldorf, Germany. Our team members (Des and PX) secured a position on the grid and thanks to their efforts we will bring the hottest updates during the run. Sacha, another GTspirit member, is also providing us with updates from the events.

Update #1:
16:37 CET by PX
Team Gtspirit arrived at Tobis and checked in!

Update #2:
18:47 CET by Des
The grid is taking shape, two Ferrari F430’s pulled in right after eachother to great excitement of the crowd. Furthermore the grid includes a Porsche 997 GT3, a 997 Turbo, a Jaguar XKR, Cayman S, Carrera GT, Corvette Z06 and two Mini Cooper S.

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