Torpedo Run

Only 3 days to go, until the Torpedo Run (21st – 23rd September 2007) start in Ahaus, North of Düsseldorf, Germany. We will do live updates and coverage of this event. GTspirit member Sacha is one of the participants of the Torpedo Run. He was so kind to share his Torpedo Run preparations with us:

First of all we are really happy to join the Torpedo Run again. Last year was fabulous! Even though the police in a big misunderstanding secured our car, this was really not a problem for us. We rented a new car and we drove the whole event

Team Nasa

We are Natasa and Sacha from Switzerland. That’s why we call us NASA. We’ve nothing to do with the official NASA. Just another two who like road-trips and parties.

This year we were not sure which car we should take from our company ( First we chose the Ferrari F430, then the F430 Spider. Now we know what to take on the Torpedo Run! We decided some days ago that we take our new Jag XKR 2007 convertible. It’s a great car to cruise this long way from Germany to Italy. And with 420 hp not the slowest on the track either. But we are looking forward to the relaxed driving with like minded people mostly. And the convertible is very nice to drive open in Italy

Now we have much things to prepare, like test a second navigationsystem, plan the route, test the camera, cameraholder and power adapters. Soon we are ready for the Torpedo Run.

We hope to see many people from GTspirit at the start or somewhere on the road!!


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