Day 4 of the Playersrun 2007 took the drivers from the Wynn in Las Vegas to the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles where they arrived in the afternoon. Once again we follow Ashley and Jon on their cross country roadtrip.

Update #1:

Nothing to report so far, means the party in Las Vegas was very good last night. In the meantime entertain yourself with the most popular photos in our gallery.

Update #2:

This is a big one! Team Polizei’s JF just posted todays story by Jon “Nine” Goodrich.

After arriving first to the Las vegas Motor Speedway yesterday, we went to the Wynn, checked in and returned to the Speedway for the Mario Andretti Indy Experience. Was truly unique in that we got to drive a real indy car at speed on a perfectly banked NASCAR oval. Ashley pushed her instructor to almost 150 MPH in the six laps she turned and we both agreed that it was an experience we would not soon forget.

Ashley & John with the Aston Martin V8 Vantage

After a couple of photo shoots, we finally got a chance to ‘relax’ vegas-style. I went to Tao to meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen in years. All I can say about that is dear god. Ashley went to posh nightclub Moon for drinks with the all the boys. Not exactly sure what time we got back to our room, but I do vaguely remember being starving, ordering room service and then blacking out only to be woken up by the poor room service guy pounding on the door. I took 2 bites of the turkey burger I ordered and blacked out again.

Day 4: Taking advantage of the Vantage

As I am sure you can imagine, the morning in Vegas is never easy. We woke up this morning hurting a bit, but a shower and a couple Excedrin later, we were back in action and made our way downstairs to see who else was functional. At 10AM, every car in the private area of the garage was still there and not to many players were even kicking around the hotel, so we decided to have some breakfast. After all, this is supposed to be a vacation, right?

After breakfast, we met up with Brian and Dustin from, Spyker at Lamborghini Las Vegas MC12 at Lamborghini Las Vegas
The Katzs in the LP and Taxi John Eltringham in the yellow Murcy and shoved off for Lambo Vegas. The place was insane. Must have $100 million in hardware under the roof of that place, including an MC12, Veyron, Versace Mucry, a couple of Spikers, S7 and a Carrera GT and that was just in the front of the showroom. We took some pictures and shoved off.

Shortly after getting on the highway, everybody we were with decided they were desperately in need of food (since they had not had the luxo breakfast we did at the Wynn), so we peeled off on our own and headed south towards LA. I took us into the Ghost Town checkpoint, Ashley drew us another King of Diamonds (so we are now working a pair of kings) and took over driving.

The Aston Assault continued all the way into LA with Ashley employing some of the Polizei safety techniques we have been working on all week. Her pace and effort were strong and we made great time getting into town, that is of course until we hit the 10. As usual, it was pretty much dead, so we turned up the a/c and coasted in with everybody else.

We arrived at the Mondrian in LA to find an SLR stuck on the kooky hill-style driveway of the hotel. The scraping sound when he pulled out sounded like at least 5 grand. Ouch.

We are now pool side relaxing with drinks and sunning ourselves.
Gotta love the short leg.


Update #3:

Just received new photos from Jon9!


Playersrun 2007 Ashley van Dyke & Jon9

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