Playersrun 2007

Day 3 of the 2007 Playersrun already! Yesterday the teams drove from Big Sky, Montana, to Salt Lake City, Utah. So far there’s been some cop-trouble but no serious problem were reported. Brian and John in the Murcielago taxi who were pulled over for doing 108 mph but lawyer John simply talked his way out of a ticket. Ashley also managed to sweet talk her way out of a ticket in Idaho.

Today the Playersrunners are heading from Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City to the beautiful Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. On the way there’s the supercars and their drivers are allowed some tracktime at the Las Vegas Speedway. For the latest news and discussion visit our Players Run 2007 forum and check out our updated Playersrun 2007 Photo Gallery!

Update #1:

We just got word from Ashley in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage with Team Polizei’s John Goodrich besides her. They are just ouside Beaver, Utah, heading for the Las Vegas speedway. They got pulled leaving Salt Lake City but the cops let them go.

Update #2:

Bit of old news but here’s what Dustin send to the guys at about the car he was supposed to pick up in Montana:

There’s only 30 cars at the start in Calgary including yellow Enzo and Dustin's MohawkMaserati MC12. 25 cars meeting at the border. My Ferrari is at the US border with a flat tire and no spare. My driver is trying to find tires that fit a Ferrari in a small town.

[Hours later] I came across the border and my car and driver aren’t here.

[Again later…] I’m by myself waiting in this yellow lambo. A transporter dropped it off. I’m in the middle of the cornfields in Montana sporting a red mohawk in a parked yellow Lamborghini. The country folk are scaring me!

Update #3:

Alex Roy just posted an update he received from his friend and former co-pilot John Goodrich (aka Nine):

We left the Monaco Hotel in Salt Lake City at 0930hr Mountain Time with a police escort out of town. Not 5 minutes after we left the escort, Ashley got pulled for no aparent reason. The cop was friendly enough, asked us a few questions and then let us go, but not before every SINGLE car in the rally passed us waving and honking. Back on the road after a 15 minute delay, we knew we had our work cut out for us. A few miles down the road we saw Jonathan Katz in the LP640 pulled as well. Apparently he got the same friendly warning we did. With Friday metro traffic, there was not much to be done and we did not see a single rally car for miles. We feared the worst, last posiiton.

Ashley got us out of town and picked up the pace, but we still did not see any other cars. We phoned a few friends and found out that miracolously we had passed a number of cars who apparently pulled off together for fuel. A few other guys stopped for lunch, vacation style.

We chose the Polizei lunch method, gas stop, taco bell and out in less than 4 minutes. I took the wheel outside of Cedar City, UT at 12:24 PM Mountain Time according to the gas reciept and began my chicken burrito in the left hand Aston assault. It was a fast, beautiful ride down I-15 South, with little police and lots of scenery. We arrived at the Andretti Racing school at 2:20 Mountain Time, 1:20 Pacific in P1.

We have checked into the Wynn, showered and are returning to the track to turn some laps at 4PM.

Ashley has yet to accept my vegas marriage proposal, but we have not had any drinks yet and the chapel is open 24 hours. I checked.


Update #4:

And we received another message from Ashley:

I just got back to the Wynn from Las Vegas motor speedway where we all got the Mario Andretti Indy car experience. I drove very close behind the guy in front of me and my eyes are still buring from the methanol. lol. 944 magazine came out and shot me…big thanks to those guys! In my room getting ready to do some press and media with

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