Last week we published that Alex Roy and Michael Ross joined the Londino. The Londino is an invitation-only, transnational treasure hunt with automobiles, between London and Portofino. We are proud to present the latest updates of their journey. For the latest news visit our forum or the Team Polizei Blog!


de Grisogono Londino Transnational Automobile Tour Begins

Departing at 0925GMT from Bluebird in London this morning, Alex and Michael Ross in a BMW Z8 made it to the Channel Tunnel at around 1100GMT. Alex and Michael report that the event is very relaxing, fun, and nothing compared to what they have ever done before. With a total of 17 cars included a new Audi S5, Lamborghini Diablo, Gumpert Apollo, and a range of other exotics, this year’s challenge is considered to be a treasure hunt. Each team was provided a Sony Cybershot camera in order to take photos of certain locations, acts, and adventures throughout the day. Today’s required photos include: L’Auberge Du Moulin Hotel and the Arch de Triumph. The idea is not to just take photos of each location, but to do it in the most creative way.

So far, Alex and Michael want to express how pleased they are with the Transnational Automobile Treasure Hunt. They both want to compliment and thank Anders Bernunger and Jens Trulsson for organizing one of the most pleasing, relaxing, and fun automotive events. Being that the event is not a race, or even a rally, Alex and Michael have been enjoying their time, even with the poor weather conditions in the area.


de Grisogono Londino Transnational Automobile Tour Begins #2

Message from Alex:
“After a FANTASTIC lunch of Foie gras and salmon – sitting with Hudson Morgan – senior editor at Mens Vogue, and Laura Hughes, editor of Elite Traveler… we are now traveling at good Polizei speed. Light mist allowed for top down cruise, sudden mild rain and grey clouds necessitated a stop for roof raise. 2000 Z8 fantastic cruiser and unappreciated. People keep asking what it is!

182 driving miles since london
ETA Ritz Paris – 6.23 hr local

In the lead with with Black Audi S5 factory loaner driven by Swedish girls, Pia Granberg and Annika


de Grisogono Londino Transnational Automobile Tour Begins #3

Mobile Update from Alex Roy:
Gas stop and unnecessary big mac chasers at Auchan shopping center 25 miles from Paris. 12 minutes lost… from vacation clock. alas. Now entering A15 south towards paris. Unknown Position, but, like going to the beach, you don’t need to sit by the water to catch the sun.

N49 02.283
E 002 11.884

Have shifted garmin waypoint to Arch of Triumph for mobile driveby picture opportunity (eta 0638hr) then proceed east on Champs Elysees for driveby shot of Obelisk at Place de La Concorde, then east to Place Vendome and Rit final checkpoint of the day.


de Grisogono Londino Transnational Automobile Tour Begins #4

Day two, Paris to Geneva

Michael Ross decided he wanted to make a few new friends today while on the Londino. Those new friends? The Police Officers of the elite French Highway Patrol Unit driving Subaru WRXs. Thats right. Alex and Michael got pulled over just shortly after leaving Paris this morning on the A16 south near Auxerre. So what does this mean? Well, Michael Ross official now has the first ticket ever given to a Londino participant. 191km/h in a 130km/h zone.

Master Piloten Ross is banned from driving in France for two months, but no worries, Switzerland is only a few hours away and Alex is at the wheel of the BMW Z8. The good news is that Alex and Michael made great friends with the officers who pulled them over. The officers were amazed that they pulled over Alex and Michael; it seems Polizei team members are the catch of the day for highway patrol officers around the world. The officers of the elite unit even invited Ross and Alex to dinner when the rally is over. Alex and Michael wanted me to point out that the Londino doesn’t deserve this. Michael feels terrible and shamed for bringing the first ticket ever to the event.

Otherwise, the event seems to be well organized and lots of fun. On a side note: I’ve never heard Alex so happy on a rally before, it really is a vacation for them.

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