After the beautifull results on a Bentley Continental GT (entered by Richie Warren in this years Gumball 3000) and a Rolls Royce Phantom (also in this years Gumball 3000), Mansory got his hands now on a Continental Flying Spur.

Custom made spoilers and side skirts endow the Mansory Bentley with an even more elegant profile. As a characteristic of the bespoke nature of Mansory engineering all the individual pieces of styling trim are fitted to original mounting point, having been engineered to complement the original Bentley design.

Obviously only the largest diameter wheels will do to complement such an over elaborate styling package and Mansory gives you the choice between 20- or 22-inch rimms.The Bentley’s power output from 412kW to 463kW ensures a nicely rounded off 5-second 0-100kmh sprint. Thanks to all this power the Flying Spur is capable of ‘flying’ a 320 kmh.

The awesome twin cut double exhausts make sure mere mortals have an inclination something very powerful has just warp-driven past them. And what to say about the inside…

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