Unlimited Class

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the reborn La Carrera Panamericana as a historic race, and the historic grid of 100 cars is already full! There is a limited amount of spaces left to fill the Unlimited Class grid of modern cars, so if you haven’t already registered, it’s time to act now!

The Unlimited Class at La Carrera Panamericana consists of any production car manufactured after 1990. It operates under the same rules and authority of La Carrera Panamericana Historic Racing. Cars must have full roll cages, hood locks, window nets, and tow hooks. A few track-only, non street legal vehicles will be allowed to enter this year’s Unlimited Class … please inquire!

We are proud to present you the first two teams who joined the Unlimited Class 2007. Thanks to Bret Haller from the Unlimited Class!

Car #555

Emil R. – Piloto
Keri R. – Co-Piloto
Venice, California
Porsche GT3

Car #502
Dan K.- Piloto
Hillsborough, California
Porsche 996

Dan swears this car will look different by the time it gets to La Carrera Panamericana!


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