After a lot of promissing pictures of the newest sportsmodel of Mercedes-Benz and serveral pictures of test cars with the skin of an already existing Mercedes some spyphotographers managed to make pictures of the partially covered SLC test mule setting up for its first test drive. These shots were taken deep into California canyon country, when the AMG test group finally decided to unload their Mercedes SLC mule for some test runs.

Test Mule SLC

We can now get a good thought about the proportions of the new exotic Mercedes despite the Dodge Viper exterior panels. It appears that the SLC’s dimensions will be similar to the McLaren SLR with the cab rearward design which makes way for the front-mid-engine layout. The exhaust set-up, however, looks like it will kind of a surprise because of the pipes at the back and before the backwheels…maybe it uses both…

Despite previous reports of the SLC being a smaller SLR, the demensions of the test mule proove the contrary .
For the moment nothing is known about the engine but after the photos of a highly modified SL with giant rear wing we can asume that they were testing a very powerful engine.

In mean time, enjoy the photos and artist rendering from Larson (KGP Photography).


  1. Is it me or is this just a Viper ?
    This has nothing from a Mercedes, if you ask me this is just a test car of the Dodge Viper.


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