Brabus is getting ready to celebrate its 30th birthday at the 62nd Frankfurt Motorshow this coming September. Brabus is known the world over for their Mercedes-Benz tuning, being the world’s largest independent automobile tuner. Accomplishments include: the 1984 Mercedes 190 with V8 engine, the 1996 Brabus E V12 and the current fastest street legal sedan, the Brabus Rocket.

1984 Mercedes 190 with V8 engine

1996 Brabus E V12

Brabus Rocket

Brabus is readying a new wolf in sheep’s clothing, a sedan with an immensely powerful engine with almost indiscernible exterior modifications. What the car will be based on is not clear, but judging from the description and the comparison of some images, the covered-up Brabus seems to fit the Mercedes C63 AMG quite nicely. Nothing is sure until the the IAA in Frankfurt next month!

Read the press release here.



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