Molly Saleen

Allready the last write-up by Molly Saleen about the final leg from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. At this point we want to thank Molly for her updates! And we can’t wait for more videos of her and her Molly-Pop-Mustang at the Great American Run!
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Well we got a late start today! It was an easy and short drive! I recieved a phone call in the morning that said that there was already approx. 15 cars that had been pulled over for speeding and one of the cops had the District Attorney in his car to talk to the drivers as they were pulled over. So we decided to take it easy with the speeding, kinda. This drive included a track day at Willow Springs. At the track, the black corvette team recieved the fastest time. A porsche GT2 hit the wall and wrecked the front end of his car.
The final night Gala started at 9 pm. The awards started right after dinner!!
The first award was for the fastest time throughout the rally and I WON!!!!!!!!!!I had the fastest average speed of the rally so I went on stage as they presented me with a bottle of champagne!

Stephen Games in his Saleen Extreme Bad Boy won the rally for keeping an average speed of 61 mph and he was awarded the keys to his new Saleen Extreme!!

Des and HeCe came in a close second place!! Kinda like they did behind me in New Orleans! :)
The Mistubishi Evo won the award of the bravest of Cannonball, he was arrested and given 4 tickets throughout the rally!
The black corvette team was awarded the fastest time on the track!

Then we celebrated!!



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