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Today is already the last day of the phantastic Great American Run. Today the participants start from Las Vegas to reach the final important checkpoint the Willow Springs Raceway! Until this checkpoint the time counts for the 61 miles average. The winner of this is going to win a brand new Bad Boy Saleen Mustang .
Willow Springs International Raceway is a super fast 2.5-mile / nine-turn road racing circuit, patterned after the great courses and road racing traditions of Europe, and is unchanged from its original 1953 configuration. With its substantial elevation changes and high average speeds, Willow Springs is one of the fastest and most challenging tracks in the country. The Great Runners will truely have the change to push their cars to the limit at this track!

After the Willow Springs Raceway the participants are driving together to their hotel in Los Angeles. This will be again one of the finest in town, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel . The Great American run will end there this night with a big party!

# 34 Team Tangospeed / GTspirit is providing us with the hottest updates from the road! For more updates also visit our Great American Forum!!!

Update 1:
5.31 pm CET – 8.31 am local time by Des

We are on the road to the opening checkpoint at Eurotech Motoring. Partied hard alst night, luckily HeCe took it easy.

Update 2:
6.22 pm CET – 9.22 am local time by Des

Checkpoint opened an hour later dure to a crash at the I – 15. We left spot at 9 am, now heading for Willow Spring Raceway. Yellow Carerra and two other NY guys got pulled over in front of us. Helicopter was filming it. Crossing stateline any moment now.

Update 3:
6.29 pm CET – 9.29 am local time by Des

Aston Martin just got pulled. We guess the cops received some reports of reckless driving as those guys did some moves, when the chopper was filming. Only 25 minutes on the road and mayhem already: don’t you just love it?

Update 4:
7.47 pm CET – 10.47 am local time by Des

Still travelling on the I – 15, gues there’s 3 or 4 cars ahead of us. Team Punisher was first to leave the checkpoint this morning and they must be well ahead of us now. We are taking it easy today, but for some reasons we haven’t been overtaken for at least an hour.

Update 5:
9.19 pm CET – 12.19 pm local time by Des

Just past the town of Mohave. 16 miles to Willows Spring. 101 degrees Fahrenheit out here now. A black Mustang just got pulled after the cop followed him about 10 miles. Another Mustang and a black Corvette were filling up at a gasstation in Mohave.

Update 6:
10.40 pm CET – 1.40 pm local time by Des

We arrived at Willows Spring and had a couple laps around the track.

Update 7:
00.09 am CET – 3.09 pm local time by Des

On the way to LA! Last day already. We tried to get our average speed to 61 mph, but no clue, if we had any luck. Timing stopped at the Willows Spring Raceway.

Update 8:
00.46 am CET – 3.46 pm local time by Des

We are stuck in a 15 mile traffic jam on the way to downtown LA with the Dodge Charger (#6). Last 15 miles of The Great American Run 2007 for us :-(

Update 9:
01.36 am CET – 4.46 pm local time by Des

We arrived at the hotel, now we have to hurry up to get our tuxedo’s for tonight as the shop closes at 5pm. We saw about a handful cars that were already at the hotel, most of them skipped the raceway checkpoint though. Tonight at 9pm the final evening festivities will start.

Update 10:
02.29 am CET – 5.29 pm local time by Des
After a three hour traffic jam, we made it to the Biltmore hotel in downtown LA. Most teams arrived now. Team 49 is headed back to Arizona to pick their driver up from jail. At 9 pm the dinner and final festivities start.



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