Molly Saleen

Another great write up of Molly Saleen about the third leg from San Antonio to Tucson:

Well today was ticket day!!! Team Molly-pop was pulled over in Texas for speeding. The report: 89 mph in a 70! We were in the process of talking our way out of the ticket by telling the officer that we were the last ones in the group and that we were just taking it slow. He told us that we were the 8th car from the cannonball run group that he pulled over. He then questioned again are you sure you are the last ones in the group, no more racing? We replied, yes sir! At that moment one of our own Saleen Bad boys and the black corvette team go racing by us!! The cop then proceeds to write the ticket! It was a long drive after that and there was a cop about every 3 miles parked and ready for me to fly by. There was also heavy rain through parts of New Mexico and Texas yesterday, which kept us running pretty slow.

Ticket Report:
Bespoke International Team in the silver corvette took the lead today in getting tickets they recieved 3 today and 4 in total.
The Evo team came in second with 2 tickets today and an arrest yesterday.
The yellow corvette was escorted going the other way on the freeway to go see a judge for being arrested in Texas.



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