Today is going to be the longest and hardest leg for the Great American Runners, who started in Miami. The final destination for the participants is Tucson, Arizona. It is located 118 miles (188 km) southeast of Phoenix and 60 miles (98 km) north of the Mexican border.
Final checkpoint is JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort hotel. That means a killer-leg of 1400 km (870 miles) for our drivers.

# 34 Team Tangospeed / GTspirit is providing us again with the newest updates from the road! For more updates also visit our Great American Forum!

Update 1:
16.30 pm CET – 9.30 am local time by Des

We just got up. All the others are least an hour ahead of us. So we Are on a mission today! Next stop is Tucson, Arizona the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort.

Update 2:
17.33 pm CET – 10.33 am local time by Des

Yesterday results: 1st to the checkpoint: Porsche 997 C4 (#59), 2nd Corvette (#109) 2 minutes later, 3rd Ford Mustang (#71) 25 minutes later, 4th Dodge Charger SRT8 (#6) 30 minutes later, Team Tangospeed last with 3 hours and 30 minutes after the first team

Update 3:
17.52 pm CET – 10.52 am local time by Des

Haha cop just clocked us, while we were doing 100 mph but he pulled over some poor local instead of us!

Update 4:
18.15 pm CET – 11.15 am local time by Des

Scott (#6) is 382 miles out of San Antonio. They just got pulled over for doing 93 in a 80. $ 165.

Update 5:
18.32 pm CET – 11.32 am local time by Des

We got stopped for doing 105 mph in a 80. $ 294. We are still last!

Update 6:
19.25 pm CET – 12.25 pm local time by Des

We just overtook the Mustang with # 366. They were pulled over twice already. We are still 300 miles out of El Paso.

Update 7:
20.03 pm CET – 01.03 pm local time by Des

Haven’t seen any cops for at least 150 miles. Team #6 stopped for lunch. And Machtig in the M5 (#26) is driving about 200 miles from El Paso now.

Update 8:
20.53 pm CET – 01.53 pm local time by Des

No cops around for a long long time. Team #366 stopped for gas…

Update 9:
21.03 pm CET – 02.03 pm local time by Des

We just overtook Team #90 in the Mitsubishi Evo. They got stopped twice the first day and have to appear in court after the rally. We are now wondering, if the Valentine 1 is broken… It hasn’t beeped in hours!

Update 10:
21.05 pm CET – 02.05 pm local time by Des

We are stopping for gas now. Just saw Porsche Boxster #44 parked at a reststop.

Update 11:
21.29 pm CET – 02.29 pm local time by Des

We filled up, but it sure ain’t no record, we wen to 6 gasstations, 3 were closed, 1 didn’t take our credit card, another one was blocked with 3 huge trucks and the one that finally took our credit card had tlike the slowest pump I’ve seen in my life. So after a 25 minutes stop for gas we are back on the road!

Update 12:
21.57 pm CET – 02.57 pm local time by Des

We just saw the CL 500 (#54) on the back of a towtruck going the wrong way about 100 miles from El Paso. The guys were sitting in the truck, so we guess their car broke down or they got a flat.

Update 13:
23.05 pm CET – 04.05 pm local time by Des

Enterning New Mexico now. Team Half Evil stopped at milemarker 32, just before El Paso with the filmcrew.

Update 14:
23.13 pm CET – 04.13 pm local time by Des

After getting into New Mexico we got an unwanted police escort with one cop driving in front of us and one behind us at 70 mph…

Update 15:
00.10 am CET – 05.10 pm local time by Des

We passed a sign saying: ‘zero visibility possible. 5 minutes later we hit a sand and rainstorm and had no visibility at all, now the sun is shining again!

Update 16:
00.31 am CET – 05.31 pm local time by Des
195 miles from Tucson now. We’ve done 680 miles in about 8 hours and stopped 30 minutes for gas, cop and gas again…

Update 17:
01.14 am CET – 05.14 pm local time by Des
We are in Arizona now. Starts to look like the Grand Canyon right away. 139 miles to go to the checkpoint.

Update 18:
03.31 am CET – 07.31 pm local time by Des
In Tucson for 20 minutes now. Did 872 miles in 10 hours and 30 minutes. Now filling up the tank as we only stopped twice for fuel.

Update 19:
04.40 am CET – 08.40 pm local time by Des
The Hotel is great, we got a warm welcome with a cold Corona and great view over the valley. Tonight we will just have a dinner and then some time to relax.


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