Torpedo Run

Torpedo Run looks like a lot of fun. So we entered the Torpedo Run with our Mini Cooper S. We are looking forward to meet other car enthusiasts and especially the “holy” automotive proving ground of Papenburg (Germany), which is usually closed for public access. We have heard many exciting things about this area, e. g. Porsche tuner Sportec set up a world record for the fastest SUV there. So we are really excited to see what is hidden behind the fencing. To be honest, we are hot! It must be like a shot of adrenaline to experience the high speed oval with banked curves of up to 49.7 degrees (!!!) where you can feel the zero side force. We can’t imagine such a feeling. So we absolutely have to see things!

Impressive and loaded with action is also the reproduction of the small Hockenheimring, a track known by Formula 1 fans. We will take the Mini Cooper S firmly in hand! Maybe we can even show a Ferrari or Porsche on the racetrack how agile the Mini is.

The event runs across Germany, but the organizers have the official go of the government and administrative authority! Torpedo is not a race. It’s the journey, the memories and especially the passion that count. And we are sure that we will have a lot of fun together wirth the other participants, on the racetracks in Papenburg and on the partys!

It would be great, if other users of GTspirit will also take part in the Torpedo Run. There we could get to know each other in a perfect atmosphere and celebrate funky partys. There are currently some places available. Don’t be too late to enter the Torpedo Run:


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