As you can see in the article image, the ‘race2raise’ charity runners are driving from Geneva to Tunis today. It’s rather a short leg, with only 160 miles to cover. First pictures from the start can be seen here. Through the day we will bring as much updates as we can or keep an eye on the Tangospeed sms blog.

Today’s story by Des
As mentioned before all drivers were driving in group today! Aswell before as after the photoshoot at the Mont Blanc. Arriving in Turin was good and the cinema was great too! Only the Alfa GT had some badluck, while being in the cinema, the Tomtom gps has been stolen out of the car. Window broken, glass all over the car and gps gone, and that only 100 metres away from the cinema. Will be fixed tomorrow. Tonight there dinner ofcourse and a small party again.
Keep on checking tangospeed for the updates, it’s working again!

Update 01:
17.06.07 16:31 by Des
Everybody is in Turin now! We all went together and drove very easy. We also made a pitstop at the Mont Blanc for a photoshoot. Going to cinema museum in Turin right now.

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