Today’s story by Des
All participants left this morning with a police escort out of Rotterdam! Most cars are in Geneva now (20u00 CET). Our GTspirit car arrived in 6th place although there was a lot of police on the famous motorway ‘route du soleil’ through France, but it didn’t gave any problems. Only bad thing was the rain, which made it hard to drive.
Most of the drivers are at the local Aston Martin dealer now. There they get a better view on the spirit of Aston Martin. Later tonight they will have dinner and a small party. And last but not least, prepare themself for tomorrow, to drive to Turin.

The updates during the day can be seen here or at the Tangospeed sms blog.

Update 05
16.06.07 23:57 by Des
Party time in Geneva!

Update 04
16.06.07 20:04 by Des
Arrived in Geneva. Black 3 series got fined in France. No trouble so far, Mini is making good impression on fans and other drivers.

Update 03
16.06.07 15:00 by Des
BMW pulled over. Got fined € 750. He could travel on!

Update 02
16.06.07 13:30 by Des
Alfa GT ran out of gas just before luxemburg border. Lot of rain but no problems so far.

Update 01
16.06.07 09:02 by Des
Ready, steady, go… After breakfast :-P

Circa an hour ago the 3rd edition of this charity tour kicked off. A little bit later than was planned as you can see in Des’ first update.
Today the cars head from Rotterdam to Geneva.

The line-up sofar (will be updated later today):

– Team M2Five in BMW M5 (grey/blue)
– Team GT Spirit in Mini Cooper S (black)
– Team Jaguar in Mini Cooper S Works
– Team Arab in Audi A6 Avant
– Team Fun2Raise in Mercedes SLK 55 AMG
– Team Mad and Daring in ML 63 AMG
– Team Mad and Daring 2 in ML 63 AMG
-Team Too Many Delay in Porsche Cayenne Turbo
– Team Race For A Smile in Audi TT Cabrio
– Team Veka in Ferrari 599
– Team Hawaii in BMW X3
– Team Playboy in sponsored car
– Peter Ganseman & Rene van der Peijl in Porsche 997 911 Turbo
– Alfa GT
– BMW 3-series

Support Cars; Audi A6 Avant Quattro’s – White


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