To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Caterham has unveiled a new generation of the Seven series, called the X330. The stealthy, matt black concept is based around the range-topping CSR Superlight, but the addition of a supercharger to the four-cylinder 2.3 litre Ford Duratec engine increases power massively from 260 to 330bhp, that’s probably where the name comes from.

This supercharged model is boasting a mind-blowing-power-to-weight ratio of 600bhp per tonne, which is even more than a Bugatti Veyron (521 per tonne).


As the X330 is an engineering test bed it is envisaged that some of the concepts will eventually find their way into production. To begin with the X330 will spearhead the British firm’s R&D into bioethanol power in the coming months as it seeks to assess the viability of alternative fuel sources in road and race applications and cement a further 50 years of history for the legendary Seven.


[via Caterham]


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