Spa Trackday

Last week we joined DMC on a trip to the F1 track of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Designtek organised this trip and together with Design 911 and Paragon were responsible for a lot of the cars at this Gold Track trackday. Our trip started Thursday morning near Stansted, catching up with others at various gasstations we made our way to Dover and jumped on the ferry to Duinkerke in France. From there it was on to Spa! We ran into a slight problem with the BMW M3 CSL not long after we left the harbour in Duinkerke. But due to our delay we made it to the hotel in Spa without the serious rainshowers the others encountered and with the cup tyres on the CSL that was very fortunate for us.

The next morning it rained very hard so there was no point in getting up early. By the time we filled the car up and made it to the track there was a dry line showing and that made a perfect time to take it round the track. Sadly another Carrera GT struggled and hit the wall, it looked like there was only damage to the bodywork though. The driver of a red F430 spider wasn’t that lucky and saw his car leave the track on a truck. In the afternoon there were no more incidents, mostly due to a dry line all the way round the track.

Spa Trackday

Among the participants were a lot of Porsches, ranging from a 964 RS to a GT2 and brandnew GT3 RS. There was also a couple radicals, caterhams and other open sportscars. They left a great impression watching them from the pitwall. The new track is much better with a lot more room for error in most corners, we still have to make up our mind about the new busstop with a tricky right – left chicane that reminds us strongly of a small reverse Laguna Seca Corkscrew. Spa is a great fast track with a lot of fast corners and straights combined with unique and tricky corners. 4th of July Designtek gives you another chance to enjoy this amazing track!

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