Here’s a collection of videos of the Bullrun 2007!

Rally Guru interviews a Staunton, VA reporter as he interviews him:

Rally Guru has a great chat with Staunton, Virginia local:

Rally Guru catches up with Spike Bullrun drivers Mike and Morgan Alsop in Staunton Virginia:

Team Shebly found a dead snake in Savannah and fixed it to the tail of their car for good luck:

A fan ran into some Bullrun-drivers:

The Montreal start of the 2007 Bull Run Rally: Team Twins’ Nicholas Frankl prepares to depart for one wild ride:

On the road participating in the 2007 Bull Run Rally, Team Twins’ Nicholas Frankl reflects on his years of racing and the excitement of road rallies:

Mermel and Pankew from cruise the streets of Montreal to the opening party of the 2007 Bullrun in his Skyline R32 GTR.


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