Audi’s newest creation is a Clubsport version of the TT. It’s still a conceptcar based on the TT Roadster and has a 300 bhp strong 2.0 TFSI-engine under the hood. This is without doubt one of the sportiest TT ever seen and a small series production is not out of the question!

As we mentioned before, this concept is based on the TT roadster. Everything is big on it, the front grill, the air coolers on the side of the car and the 20 inch rimms. But also the special grey paint , the very small mirrors and the backbumper with the exhaustsystem build in look very amazing. One of the biggest differences with the TT Roadster is, that you can only use this one on a sunny day because there’s no roof at all!

As said before,you can find a 300 bhp strong 2.0 TFSI engine under the hood which will be able to amazing accelerations. When you that the 3.2 V6 out of the TT Roaster is able to do 62 mph in 5.9 seconds, than there’s no doubt about this 50 bhp stronger piece of masterwork…

All this is very promissing, let’s hope that we can find it back in the showrooms in the near future.



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