Bullrun 2007 Versace Mansiono

We are proud to present Team Darkcyd write-up about day 5 at the Bullrun. The destination was the Versace Mansion in Miami. Today the Bullrunner heading to Key West!

Fantastic Day!

We woke up about 7 pm and had a late launch at 10, so there was little pressure. Had a great breakfast at the Hard Rock hotel where we were staying and while I was doing my morning write up, I did not realize the Bullrun staff had an issue with their luggage van. Its kinda ironic: they do because that is the whole reason I started with these chase vehicles. Had I known I might have saved 20k, but would not have been able to share the great experiences with my close friends so its all good. I also would not have been able to help the Bullrun staff by putting all the luggage in the Darkcy Semi. So once again we try to pay it forward.

I was gonna run with Claus today in the Cayanne Turbo, but and Joachim was gonna run with Alex in the Darkcyd Gallardo. There was a last minute change of plan so I quickly got the girls set up in the Murci and ran to Alex’s car 5 minutes before the start ready to launch. At the last minute there was a change from where we were supposed to start, and Alex’s car which was basically was set up to launch 3rd or fourth was now relegated to the back. This was BS in both our opinions, so we said screw it and instead of moving behind 60 cars that were gonna barrel down the highway creating problems for us, we just launched the car ourselves without a card. We jumped the launch by about 2 mninutes so it really only gave us an advantage form the perspective of traffic with the other cars. The whole Darkcyd group had had some great finishes but never a first this year and honestly our goal was just to avoid the cops. Anyway, we were off and decided to push. With radar working , scanners on , and text message working, I got to work getting the pricise address for Moroso motorsports, which was the checkpoint. Because we were first to launch we were able to run hard and smooth without freaking anybody out staying in the left lane and using our hi beams to get cars over safely and without incident. I was concerned the chase groupwas going to catch us quickly since we have some very aggressive font runners , some of whom want to win at all costs. This happened much later than I expected and the only person was Micheal Schwab in the 430 who zoomed past us with a camera man probably doing 150. We decided to let him go as that was pretty crazy speeds for any sutained period of time. We were a little agressive as well but did not push any harder than planned running 7 /10ths.

He later slowed down and our consitant speed was better then his aggressive speed as we soon ran with him for about 20 minutes and then passed him as he chilled out a bit. He then dropped out of sight. Realizing we were only about 50 miles out and hearing the chase group was still about 15 miles behind, we fel t we could have a victory. Scanner was working great and we heard the action unfold like a NASCAR race. We then passed two cops sitting in the median without radar on, and I honestly think they were so surprised to see us that they did not know what to do or were more concerned with the pack of cars about to come. The closer we got , the more nervous Alex and I got knowing at least unofficially we had a win. We almost made one wrong turn at after the tool and we were so paranoid we sat in traffic for about a minutes arguing which little road the navigation was telling us. We evenutally figued it out and made it there so early nobody was around really staff wise, so we checked in with the girl at Moroso and parked the car to line up for the track. About 3 minutes later the Lotus Exige showed up and were not happy to see us there. The had no clue we had launched two minues earler and even though time wise we were still first, I went up to them and noticied them that offically they were the first car. some of these people really care about this begin first garbage, and we just wanted to have some fun. So it is important to let everyone know we were not trying to cheat.

The track was great and I and my old best frined from college Adrain Minor visit me with his new best friend Shawn. Adrian was supposed to join us on the trip in the Darkcyd Navi but had an important conflict he could not get out of. He then expressed he wished had had the ability to join us and I called his bluff. I said he no longer had any excuses and he needed to get in the car with us and finish it out. He said he needed to call the boss (his wife ofcourse) and I honestly did not think he would join. I ribbed him a bit in front of his friend putting the pressue on and we all laughed.

We then got to track the cars and I was the second to go out behind Peter in the Darkcyd DTM. I am not use to the Murci and had no idea about the lines I need to follow to get a proper time, and the four laps were not enough. I cross countryed the car on the backside turn a bit clipping the edge, and really was embarrassed that I did not drive a better line. To my surprise I learned later I had the top time up until about midway through the 60 cars, so I guess I did better than I thought. Meanwhile Adrian was furiously working the phones seeing if he could pull this off and I just hang out with the rest of the group. I later got the chance to try the track in the new Darkcyd 430 owned by Frankie, and not only did I beat my time bey several seconds because I had a much better line, the paddle shifter really makes a diference. I really wish he could have driven with me but they would not allow it and the camera mount basically pun out I was drving so hard. It takes alot of trust to hand over a 300k car, and the trust means alot to me. I’m also glad I did not have to buy a Ferrari for crashing it into a wall.

Anyway’s most everyone left already for the hotel, and I stayed to the end and came back with my rally friend Sean and Paul . Their car broke down so they rented two Chrysler crossfires and decided to play bumper cars on the way to the Ritz Carlton in South Beach. We then got here had to work out plans for a dinner part of 20, and work people into the guest list for the party at the Versace Mansion. This was not supposed to be easy but the Bullrun staff was super helpful under Andrews direction to make it happen.

We then quickly got ready for dinner and rushed off to the Shore Club for dinner. I arrived late with my new friends Gothem and his fiancee Karen and made it to dinner late. The place was spectacular and I also invited my new friends Mirna and Willy who live on SOBE who helped out with getting the 18 Darkcyd Semi a place to stay. South Beach has no parking so you just can’t put it anywhere. The food was great but getting stuck with the bill was not. Everybody was supposed to pitch in $125 a head and as always when you have a large party, the bill is short. Everybody left and I joked with Gothem and Karen about who much it was short because he thought it might be too much . Well as wlays it wanst and I eanded up having a $1000 pasta dish. O well- not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and no tintentional I’m sure.

The Versace Mansion was amazing and this is a place that was bought for about $6 million and had $10 MM in renovations. At current market prices it is got to be about $35 MM. Hard ot imagine it was somebody’s house. Its the most amazing house I have ever seen with a pool in the courtyard. I had some other friends join in Doug and Cat and I think they had a good time even though they were only briefly there. I introduced Willy my Rally friend Shawn, who is a test driver for Lotus, which is the kind of car we all own and in jest we joked about umping in the pool. after the intro I made my way to say hello to other friends, and learned that Shawn Paul, and Frankies wife all jumped in the pool , and Paul was supposedly even naked. Only on South Beach. Too funny. The Darkcyd Murci was brough out in front of the mansion for disaply with the DTM and my fiend vinne brought his Spyker that he had on loan from the company which he works with. He was kind enough to give me this $300k car while he handled getting my car back to the hotel.

So when Adrian and I left I diecdie to show him an apartment I have on Brickell and this turns into a funny story. I never ever slept there and was planning to rent it out, so we passed by the building and I said lets see if we can get in even though I have no key and the guard never have seen me. So we roll into Villa Regina in this crazy car all stickered up and I give my pitch. The guy doesn’t even check ID and lets me into the lobby to talk to the concierge on staff. The conceirge then gives my ther spare key without ID and we go up. I joke with him I only have seen the apartment 3 times in the pat 3 years I owned it because my dog was not approved to live there, and it would be funny if we had some squattor there. Low and behold we open the door and there is stuff everywhere. someone lives there and there is crap everywhere. It is about 1:30 in the morning and I tip tow towards the bedroom to find nobody home. I laugh because I know the place is supposedly about to get rented but I have not got word anyone is there. So since I felt this was probably not according to the lease which I am pretty sure has not strted yet. so Adrian and I decide to play a joke and we move everything around, and leave. Whomever is there will come back and wonder who the hell was in their apartment, which in realty is mine so I should be the pissed off one asking questions. It was all in good fun and who could blame me.

Anyway, it is now 3:30 AM and I need ot get up at 7 before we launce at 9AM for Key West. I plan on drving with gothem in his new Scaglietti, and Karen will roll to the finish like on the Cannonball run movie with Tara in the darkcyd Murci. Contruction is terrible along the way and only one way in or out so not point in getting crazy.

Hope you enjoyed the write up.




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