Team Darkcyd

Another great update from Team Darkcyd about day 3 at the Bullrun:

Today was one that turned it all around. Despite having the strongest urge to stretch the legs on the Darkcyd Murci after test driving it last night when it was delivered in Atlantic City last night, I showed my restraint and gave it to my wife and Danyell. I really wanted to drive, but knew it was better not to . So I jumped in the car with Alex in the Darkcyd Gallardo and boy o boy did we have an experience. After giving Tara about a 2 minute instruction on how to drive the Murci, the flag dropped and we were off. We ran with Clause in his Super Turned all white Cayenne, Mike in the 430, the safety car which is a hopped up new Mustang with lights on it, and the Darkcyd DTM. On a scale of 1 to 10 for aggressiveness I would rate it a 9. I was glad to not be driving. We ran hard down the Jersey turnpike, and we pulled off early thinking we saw a major roadblock ahead, when in reality it was a bad accident that had nothing to do with us. So we ran by ourselves for almost 20 minutes and then appeared the rally car out of nowhere during our detour. By the time we got back on 295 to 95 we were shocked to learn that we were still ahead of the pack. Clausse got stopped and we passed on by while Bill Wu attracted enough attention by himself in is purple Lambo.

We made the lunch checkpoint after about 220 miles #6 rolling in together with Bill Wu while The Darkcyd DTM came in second. We ended up at a place call BullRun park which had a catered lunch truck for us to grab some snacks. Patrick pulled up shortly after in the Darkcyd Race Semi and we after the girls rolled on in about 15 minutes later in the Murci we put all the cars together for some team shots. Jason and Jerry who are some players run buddies dropped on by to meet us at the checkpoint and we chilled for about in hour before moving on. Since we crossed Virginia and it is known as a particularly bad state, we decided to roll very slow which can easily be vi wed by people tracking on GPS. I believe it was working and confirmation would be great.

The best part was a surprise to us. We rolled into a town called Staunton and there were literally hundreds of fans everywhere. Mostly young teenagers that were excited something significant was happening in their town. We were treated like rock stars and Tara even signed some autographs. It was all pretty funny, and the people just stayed at the hotel for hours and hours.

The bizarre part was when we went to dinner a couple blocks away. we asked for directions and the answer was follow the crowd. I was shocked to see the streets lined all the way to the Restaurant which was only for Bull Runners like they were waiting for the president or something. I went upstairs to make a private call on top of the restaurant, and as I was looking out of the window, there were girls everywhere trying to get my attention, as if I would let them in the restaurant. I just never understood why they waited. I guess there is just not a lot to do here. Those hundreds of people simply waited outside of the restaurant I simply smiled and continued my conversation, and then went down for dinner. Dinner was first rate and I have to say Grace from Bullrun did an excellent job of coordinating things.

After dinner, we were all escorted to a club called Clock Tower and it seemed it was very important for the locals to get entry, because many were pretty aggressive. We were escorted to the private party in the back, and I think it was funny that Bulents comment about the ratio of girls to guys, “like fishing with dynamite”, and I think it was accurate. there was quire a show with some BullRun girls dressed in police uniforms and dancing like there was no tomorrow and the pictures are priceless.

Our world renowned Darkcyd Navigator Aaron had 3 girls approach him in no time flat, since it was clear he wore the coveted Lanyard around his neck. I intentionally did not wear mine as it felt bizarre, and I bet I could have sold it for 500 bucks. I also slipped him the keys to the Murci in case he wanted to show the car to any of his new friends. I have no idea what happened after because we left early since we needed to be up early tomorrow for the marathon stage. speculation is we end up in Savannah which is a 10 hour drive by normal car.

I am really hoping for the Blue Ridge mountains, and will have to see what car I end up in. I think Alex and I will start in the Darkcyd Murci and the girls will drive the baby Lambo tomorrow. we shall then switch it up somehow.




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