Team Darkcyd

Another very busy and not very fun overall day for Team Darkcyd. But at least one good news: for the next leg the Team Darkcyd Murciélago is ready to rock the street!!! :

Well today was honestly not very fun overall. We all left Boston at about 8:30 and as soon as we were off the cops grabbed almost everyone. The darkcyd DTM got pulled over twince for equipment violatuions, basically meaning trumped up charges because the car looks like a race car which it bascially it is, but since Peter and Bulent were not speeding they wanted to get them for something so having a German tag on the car was enough. Tara got pulled over since I did not drive at all today right in the morning, just because we were part of the event . She has never had a ticket in her life and this really was a mild form of harrassment. Alex and Danyell did not realize they were supposed to catch a ferry , and overshot it by about 50 miles and basically skipped the checkpoint.

Team Darkcyd Murcielago

We ran very slowly to the ferry, which we took to Long Island. We then went to a wine Vinyard off route 48 and stopped for lunch, where the entrances were blocked to prevent people from leaving early. Peter and the Navi chase, which made it top 5 too the winery were able to escape the block and were able to run without any problems getting to the Trump Marina in about 250 miles away in 3rd place and I think 5th. On the way I received the good news that Patrick and Linda were going to be loading the Darkcyd Murci and would meet us in Atlantic City by the time we were expected to get there. Ironically , as we hit traffic with Tara drving, the Lotus had a small issue of the accelerator going completley to the floor. I knew it had to be the cable, but was not sure how to access it, so while I was arranging transport with Patrick, I called Jimmy Lowry who simply said check by the accerlarator pedal as that would be the most common place for the cable to pop off and low and behold he was correct. I fixed it in about two minutes and we were off. We drove through Manhattan, to get to Atlantic City and traffic was horrible, and arrived at the hotel about 7:00 way behind most people. The hotel is absurd so instead of going to the Bullrun dinner, which previously was excellent, we ran to the Bogetta Hotel which is first class and had a proper meal with Clausse of CEC and his long time friend from Mexico city Joachim, who is new to this rally scene with the whole most of the Darkcyd team.

By the time I got back to the hotel the car arrived in the Darkcyd chase semi and I was excited to get both the car and Patrick back. This guy basically babysat the car while it got repaired over the last day and a half. Without him Steve the mechanic, and Rob Ferreti from Gothem dream cars, we would simply be SOL. The car looks and sounds so hot and evil in all black, and both I and Frank with his 430 spider ran to the gas station chasing each other to test both our cars since his 430 also had an issue and was fixed by Steve at the same time and brought together to Atlantic City with my car. These events are about helping each other out and that is what I did . Now he will pay it forward by helping the Japenese team locate 4 new tires by the morning since they are running on a spare.Now the quandry for me is after my ticket issue I really want to drive the car but am going to show responsible restraint. I will save it for now and the current plan is to run with Alex in the Darkcyd Gallardo as navigator, and Let Tara drive the Murci with Danyell since Virgina is a very strict state. Don’t need any issues. Speculation is about heading to Washington D.C. first, but we will see.

On an interesting side note, it was announced at the beggining of the run that Team Ricci challenged Richard Rawlins of Bullrun fame to beat the coast to coast record from Ny to La of 32 hours initally done by Cannonball Baker who basically invented these type of events. This record which I beleive has been held since 1979 is now on track to be broken at last report. I personally did not think it could be done since they need to average about 100 mph non stop which with traffic and stops is not technically impossible but in reality almost impossible. If they win they will get $50k. we shall see and although I do not belive they will make it, I am rooting for them.

I know people have not been able to track us on GPS, but we should have both the Murci and the Navi online for tommorw, so check in with us.

Its now past 2 am and i’m pretty tired so I will rap it up. Looking forward to tommorow and glad today is over.




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