Team Darkcyd Murci

Another great update of by Robb of Team Darkcyd. The first Bullrun day seems to be very eventfully:

Ok -today was another event filled day. some bad some good. Several thousand fans watched us all off about 5 minutes from the Ritz Carlton and we jockeyd for a good grid position. There were several thousand fans and it was really exciting to be som well received. The entire Darkcyd team was one of the first cars off the grid and worked well making it through the border before almost the entire pack. This had everything to do with going in a direction that most did not, and trying to stay away from the pack. Overall this worked well and although Peter in the Darkcyd DTM got pulled over and Alex in the Gallardo got pulled over the both made good time and had top 15 finishes including delays. Same is true for the darkcyd Navi. We are sorry about the Gps issues and working on currecting them. It was reported that I had an incident as while and while this is true to some extent, I am not at liberty to discuss at the moment. But suffice to say Tickets are a part of life, and the rumour is way overblown and not accurate.

The good news is the Darkcyd Murci is being worked on still as we speak and shall be ready to go in the morning. Once again huge thanks to Steve and Rob Ferreti for pulling off the impossible. If all goes well will be loaded on the Darkcyd Race Semi and on the way to me at our destination by tommorow night. Not bad considering the engine had to be pulled and the part was not to be found anywhere especially on a weekend.

On a sad note Team Canada in the 928, who went through great lengths to get their very modifed car to the grid caught on fire . The should have another car deleivered to them by tommorrow, and we wish them the best.

We are currently in Boston, met some cool people from Tokyo in the rally who had some tire issues and may end up helping them out with a ride if need.

Was a pretty big party at a place called Felt and the girls gone wild film crew was there which is not our scene , so we quickly left, aolthough tthe place was nuts and most were having quite the time.

Tommorow will probably be a chill day overall as I am expecting my main car back and want to simply enjoy things.

Till then,



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