Bullrun 2007 - Team Twins
The Bullrun 2007 has arrived at the first destination: Boston. Some teams had some problems to get even there, like our friends from Team Darkcyd for example.
Team Twins of Jalopnik.com is participating this years Bullrun in a Z06. Here their write-up of day 1:

Yup, we’re in Boston now. Team Twins have been reunited — everything is all peachy keen. While we decompress a bit after an exciting and exhausting day, we’ve put together some of the sights and livery of the first day of the Bullrun — or at least the morning of the first day. We’ll have the full story up soon to explain things like why there’s a #23 Budget Rent-A-Truck, or how the Team Twins Z06 ended up in the pole position of the “starting grid.


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