Team Darkcyd

Here is the first update of by Robb of Team Darkcyd. Team Darkcyd had a lot of problems, but read here the whole story:

Gonna be brief update this morning before start to catch you guys up. Everybody got to Burliungton safe and all cars without a problem. The problems started later. The Darkcyd crew ran as a convoy about 12:00 to Montreal to cross the border and this was the not 20 minutes in Alex and Danyell in the Darkcyd Gallardo got pulled for over 90 as alex was not paying attention to his radar detector. Plenty of people had border problems inclding a guy named Frank we were helping who has 10k in cash taken for not declaring. Rob Ferretti, who had brought a car for someone to rent also was denied entry because it was a rental. Customs was all aware of Bulllrun and it only got worse . We actually all cleared, but I was taking the Murci to Jon Scotti Lamborghini to has a low brake fluid problem topped off. On the way to the dealership, I lost the entire clutch which uses the same fluid as the brakes. No hydrolic fluid at all. The reason it was low was not good. Despite spending almost $15k getting the car service including a new clutch, they did not replace the throw out bearing and either did not perfectly align properly or it was simply bad. Thats not a small issue since the engine needs to be pulled to fix and it is about a 20 hour job. Jon Scotti was willing to have their entire crew stay the night topull the engine and fix it but they coiuld not locate the part.

Team Darkcyd Murcielago

Meaningwhile, I had sent Todd my brother in law and Geoff with the Darkcyd Navi to fetch my Twin Turbo esprit which we left in Vermont since we could not bring over the border on the Darkcyd semi without a 3 day customs hold and carnet. While I was dealing with fixing the Murci, they were denied reentry. I spent 2 hours trying to get powers of attorney and letters explaining we owned the car and they were allowed, but they would not allow it. On my way back to the hotel I called the only guy I thought would have the connections to not only get me a part few Lambo dealing with my main problem of fixing my main car looking for a part most dealers do not keep in stock and have a mechanic willing and able to handle this job now.

Well thanks to Ferreti and my team we were able to get things taken care of . We got the car loaded on the Darkcyd race semi and Patrick, Linda and myself crossed the border in the early morning with the car which we were worried would not occur because of 3 day customes rule, but I could not drive the car under its own power across. To our shock the customes offical was very acomodating, even thought on the other side they were quite unfriendly to my other team member, who had to leave the Lotus at the border.

So we got across , the Darkcyd Semi drove all night the Murci is on the way to NJ and should arrive by 9AM to be worked on all day and night until it is done. It will then be reloaded to catch up with us.

I got the Lotus access the border myself, with no issues althought I was told It would not happen since the car was registered to my wife, and it is being stickered up as we speak.

we handled this all while throwing a priovate surprise Bd party for Tara last night thanks to the help of my good friend andrew from Toronto who handles most odf the details.

So over all we in good shape and all the cars are going to be lined up for the start about 5 minutes from the Ritz Carlton hotel for the start which should occur about 11. Once again huge thanks to Rob Ferretti and Sgtever for making the impossible happen on saving the Darkcyd Murci which I expect to be running in by tommorow night.

i`m sure today will be just as interesting. We shall see.




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