Michael Kornhauser & Dan Popkin reporting from their Ferrari 360 Modena F1!


We are finally back in the cars and headed out of Athens to Tirana. Wow, the past few days have been crazy. Since the last posting we have not been in the cars and for a while we weren’t sure if we’d every get them back. We were held at Istanbul airport for about 4 hours while we bargained with the authorities to let us and the cars into the country. We got one of the two, and luckily they held us in the bar at the airport. And since we weren’t driving to Athens, we enjoyed the drink. The hotel was amazing and the party in Istanbul more than made up for the trouble.

On Tuesday we flew from Istanbul to Athens and as we landed the cars were being unloaded from the Antinovs. But again since we were not driving on Tuesday we were able to concentrate on the party. It was a white party in Athens and another amazing night. The venue overlooked central Athens and with everyone excited to get back to driving we had a really fun night. So that brings us to this morning. Up at 8, taxi to the airport and we had a bit of a problem clearing the cars from Greece customs, but by noon it was all sorted and we were off. The drive so far has been beautiful through the mountains and lakes of Greece, and we are finally able to let the Ferrari out :).


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