We just received an update from Team Fuel:


Current position: Istanbul

The Gumball went through Germany and nearly every car got caught by the cops. We all paid €450.00 fine. They got 60 cars together so they could pretend they did a good job, then they filmed it for the press!! Then they rang the Turkish police and made out we were all nicked for speeding so the Turkish then decided they didn’t want the Gumball in Turkey, so the Gumballers all ended up in Turkey and the cars ended up going straight to Athens in Greece!

So Team Fuel went out on the town with Danny Dyer and Tam and the girls, true to form, went mental the whole night! This was the party of all parties, ending with a party in a beautiful suite for the real nutters that went on till 8am this morning!

This has started out to be the Gumball story of stories!

We are now on our way to Greece in a chartered jet so we will be there at 12pm.

The official gumball start line has been moved to Athens.

The Fuel Team sponsored by Juiced 2 Hot import Nights has made its mark and are going to go crazy!



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