Team Fast Car (car 100) is back in the UK. Glenn Rowswell and Jamie Burr only drove to Hahn Airport. Here’s their full story:

Just to let you guys know that Team Fast Car and the Nissan Skyline Tokyo Highway Pursuit car are back in the UK. We were initially down just for the first leg, but after problems in Germany we were ordered by German Police to take the plane to Istanbul and leave the country immediately. Otherwise we faced the car being impounded (possibly crushed) and being locked up if they saw us on German roads again. After already being fined 420 Euros, we knew this was more than just an idle threat.

After a chat with organisers it seemed there may be room on the plane. But with no green card we knew we would face even bigger problems being in Istanbul without the right papers. So we decided to plot a great escape style plan to get out the airport and pass Police. Whilst most of the Gumballer’s tucked into breakfast we made an escape out through the back of the airport down a dirt track without the Police noticing and headed for some nearby woods. We hid the car up, found a small guesthouse and caught up with some sleep. We laid low until nightfall (about 9 hours) then started the break for the Belgium border (about 150 miles). But as we were very low on petrol we had to first sneek into a town passed Police to fill up. Whilst on the forecourt we met some German Gumball fans that apologised for their countries heavy hand tactics and wished us all the best.

Team 100 at Hahn Airport:

We were soon driving through woodland lanes and small villages, doing our best to keep as low a profile as possible. Which isn’t easy when you’re in a Japanese Police car. Within 2 hours, much to our relief we made the border and had escaped the wrath of the famous German Polizei. From then it was a simple run towards Brussels and onto Calais for the train back home. What an experience, what a few days. Roll on 2008, Gumball rocks!


  1. “Roll on 2008, Gumball rocks!”

    Yeah, sure. After what they’ve been through, I bet they don’t exactly like Gumball… :P


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